GSE1800 CE + PS1800 CE – Onigiri Machine – Fujiseiki

How many of you know that Onigiri, or rice balls, are one of the most popular, most frequently eaten kinds of food in Japan?


GSE1800 CE + PS1800 CE – Onigiri Machine – Fujiseiki

Rice Ball-Making Machine

With an Onigiri, you can enjoy rice, nori seaweed and the flavours of the filling all at once. Onigiri are also convenient to eat on the go, just like sandwiches.

A wide range of ingredients can be used in Onigiri, and fillings will vary according to season, region and local specialty. Today, Onigiri are becoming as recognisable as Japan’s most famous food export, sushi.

Onigiri forming and wrapping system at lightening speed in compact design.

This machine, GSE1800 CE + PS1800 CE, can be operated by a single worker. Simply place the rice in the hopper, set the nori seaweed film in place, and add the filling by hand.

Weight 520 kg
Dimensions 203 × 85 × 139 cm
Production Capacity


Power Consumption

1200w at max


380V(3PH) OR 220V(3PH)

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