KS360 – Rice Mixer – KUBOTA

The KS360 tabletop rice mixer from Kubota is one of the most compact rice mixers on the market, and one of the lightest too. With this rice mixer you will be able to produce considerable amounts of seasoned sushi rice in just a small space.


KS360 – Rice Mixer

The KS360 Shari mixer from Kubota is one of the smallest most efficient mixer son the market. With it’s mere 34 Kg tabletop size (550mm Wide / 600mm Deep), you will be able to make room for this little bit of magic in nearly any size of sushi kitchen. Producing up to 45 Kg of perfectly mixed seasoned rice you will be able to gain time in your prepartion and room in your kitchen.

Introduced with a new mixing pattern  and new mixing bar, this new technology helps to cut down on mixing time and power consumption. It’s intelligent Mainframe helps you gain time thanks to it’s capacity of saving the settings you put in so that when you come back the next day all you have to do is press the button and off you go.


Weight 34 kg
Production Capacity

Mixes up to 4Kg of rice in approximately 5 minutes.


W55 x D60 x H60 cm
W21,6'' x D23,6'' x H23,6'' inches




AC100V 50Hz /60Hz

Power Consumption

45 /48 W

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