LSR-350 Nigiri Maker

From measuring the rice to forming a perfect sushi with One Step Auto System.


The LSR-350 makes high-quality sushi using the same method as the chef squeezes rice lightly with their hands.

Putting it differently, since the machine doesn’t cut a single grain of rice, the rice retains its original form.Substantial version is the machine which can control (from) 13g of sushi and also maintaining a consistent shape with High Quality class.

The rice compression strength, density and warmth can be adjusted through the machines

With World’s first unique technology of Lucky Engineering’s, we have even considered the taste of the sushi with air circulation between the rice. (Patented)

We have reduced repair time and cost significantly by using mold manufacture.

Doesn’t take much space and without the tool, it is very sanitary since you can easily disassemble the machine for cleaning.

Dimensions 320 x 490 x 640 cm




Weights of Rice


Key point

Airy Shari


AC110/220V, 50/60Hz, 60W



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