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RCE-100 – Electric Rice Cooker

The RCE-100 Electric Rice Cooker is a fully automatic, professional rice cooker. It’s cooking capacity is of 6 Kg per draw in just 45 mins. The simple control panel will help you to control exactly how you want your rice cooked by the press of a button. The carbon heaters used in this cooker helps enhance thermal efficiency.

The light weight non stick cooking pan helps employees to cut down work effort due to the easy cleaning. This rice cooker can be used by anyone in your staff as long as they have been formed beforehand and they have a minimum of knowledge about cooking sushi rice.


Min : W74,5 x D61 x H105,5 cm
Max : W74,5 x D61 x H132,5 cm
Min : W29,3" x D24" x H41,3" inches
Max : W29,3" x D24" x H52" inches

Cooking Capacity

2 to 6 Kg per Draw

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