Shari Box Liner

The shari box liner is very useful for keeping your sushi rice at ideal texture and temperature. Contains up to 15Kg of cooked rice.


Shari Box Liner

The shari box liner is used by a lot of professionals who make large quantities of rice but need to keep it at the optimum texture and temperature. The liner eliminates all condensation from falling on to your sushi grade rice and making it soggy. It can be used for 24 hours and when you have finished using it just throw it away and get out a new one for the next day. When delivered you will have 250 shari box liners per box meaning you are sure to have great shari for at least 250 days.


W41cm × D34cm × H55cm
W16,1'' x D13,3'' x H21,6" inches

Rice Holding Capacity

It can hold up to 15Kg of sushi rice


Can be used for 24 hours each

Delivery amount

250 Shari Box Liners per box Ordered = 250 days


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