Gyoza Machine par TOA

Cette machines à Gyoza, par sa petite taille et son design se fondra parfaitement dans votre cuisine.

Pour débuter dans les Gyoza, cette machine vous assurera une haute productivité dans la préparation de Gyoza à la main.

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La révolution des machines à Gyoza CE

Make your own fresh Gyoza and wow the customers’ taste buds!

This is the first, and still is, the most compact and yet very efficient Gyoza maker. Ever since it was created in mid 1980s, the machine has been used all over in Japan where restaurants want to differentiate and have their own unique Gyoza on the table.

Now CE marked, it’s coming to us in Europe.

Secret of Tasty Gyoza:

The filling is freshly made and wrapped in the Gyoza skin as soon as possible. Once it’s done, you can freeze them for later use.
Without the machine, you have to make in small batches everyday. With Gyoza Revolution, you can make thousands in batches. It improves your efficiency to an unimaginable level.

The bottom of Gyoza needs to be as flat as possible for the even cooking. Also, the flat bottom creates the beautifully browned yummy looking presentation. Gyoza Revolution makes the perfect flat bottom!

Well browned and crisp bottom when cooked. Again, the perfectly shaped flat bottom achieves this.

An ideal capacity for any restaurants and caterers. This machine reduces your labour cost tremendously.

What you need to now before ordering the machine?
The machine is still hand crafted. Why? Because the machine has to be fine tuned to work precisely with the kind of Gyoza skin you use, and the weight of the filling you would like to have.

Easy Assembly and Operation
You will be guided by the instruction DVDs and other support documents. Of course, The Sushi School is right behind you in case you have any issues.

After Sales Support:
The machine comes in with one year manufacturer’s guarantee. During and after the guarantee period, as the official distributor, The Sushi School works with Toa Industries to offer speedy 24/7 assistance.

Lead Time:
Because the machine is hand crafted, the workshop requires a certain period of lead time.  Please enquire as soon as possible if you are interested.

Descriptif Technique
Vitesse de Production

1500 Gyoza par heure


W345 x D255 x H701 mm


230 V

Consommation d'énergie

65 W


44 Kg


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