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Ramen machine - Taisei Type 3


La Taisei type 2 from Taisei will help you to be more efficient and productive when making your ramen noodles. Compact, it will take up very little space in your kitchen for maximum performance. With the Taisei, you can cut noodle preparation time by a factor of 4. Soba, Somen, Ramen, Udon and even Gyoza dough will no longer hold any secrets for you.

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835.00 excl. tax*/month
705.00 excl. tax*/month

*Subject to acceptance by our sales department.

Photo machine à ramen Taisi type 3
Schema machine à ramen Taisei Type 3

Technical specifications


333 Kg


1670 × 250 × 800 cm


200 to 250 portions / hour


13 kg

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