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Photo sans fond de la machine à tapis de riz ASM865CE

The best sushi machines

Explore our range of sushi machines specially designed to meet the needs of professional customers.

With advanced features and optimum efficiency, our sushi machines guarantee fast, accurate production of high-quality sushi, ideal for Japanese restaurants, supermarkets, caterers and Asian food service companies.

The best machines for preparing your rice

Discover our full range of rice-preparation machines specially designed for professionals in the Asian catering.

From the rice washer to the rice mixerour rice machines are a quick and efficient way of preparing quality rice for your dishes.

Photo de la mélangeuse à riz ASM780CE AUTEC

The best gyoza machines

Discover our gyoza machines designed to simplify and accelerate the production of delicious home-made gyoza.

With remarkable precision and efficiency, our gyoza machines are perfect for restaurants, caterers and food service establishments looking to offer authentic gyoza to their customers.

The best noodle machines

Our noodle machines are designed to simplify the process of production of delicious noodles in your catering establishment. Ramen, Udon, Soba: you can create all types of noodles with these.

Make tasty, authentic dishes with ease thanks to our selection of noodle machines high performance.

The best kakigori machines

These kakigori machines are specially designed for make Japanese frozen desserts quickly and easily in your catering establishment.

Offer your customers a refreshing and delicious experience with our selection of Japanese ice cream machines high performance.

The best poke bowl machines

Discover our poke bowl machines designed to simplify your business preparing delicious poke bowls in your catering establishment.

Offer your customers fresh, personalised dishes thanks to our selection of poke bowl machines high performance.

Photo de la machine à Poke Bowl MM103CE

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