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Noodle cooker


Le Noodle cooker from Wise Kitchen is ideal for cooking your noodles. It lets you programme 6 different cooking times. Each basket can be programmed individually and independently of the others, so you can cook different types of pasta at the same time.

Thanks to its power control, the machine adjusts automatically to boost its power or save energy according to demand. Finally, to ensure your safety, the Noodle Cooker comes with a solenoid valve that will cut off the power supply if the water gets too low.

When you request a quote, choose your financing method to buy or on lease :

73.00 excl. tax*/month
61.00 excl. tax*/month

*Subject to acceptance by our sales department.

Photo du cuiseur à noodle de WISE
Schéma du cuiseur à noodle de WISE

Technical specifications


70 Kg / 105 Kg


75 × 29 × 89 cm


6 portions of noodle in 1 minute

Energy consumption

6 kW or 12 kW

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