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Who are we?

Sushi-Robots was born of a crazy gamble: to equip restaurant owners with machines from Japan and help them produce the famous sushi.

It all started with the creation of "The Sushi School" in London, which was a great success with professionals looking for training. Later, after several trips to Japan, we realised the importance of machines and their ability to help sushi chefs in their production.

Over the years, Sushi-Robots has become the European leader in the field of machines for Japanese gastronomy, thanks to its unique and dedicated maintenance and assistance service.

What's more, Sushi-Robots is the exclusive distributor of the AUTEC brand, whose machines and spare parts we have in stock.

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Creation of The Sushi School by Emmanuel Letellier in London. This was a school dedicated to training Japanese catering professionals. It was a great success.

Emmanuel Letellier was then commissioned by Monk (a former agent for the Autec brand) to make sushi at a trade fair. This is how he became aware of the importance of sushi machines in the world of Japanese gastronomy.

These make it possible to produce sushi more efficiently and with the same quality as if it had been made entirely by a sushi chef.


Emmanuel Letellier decided to return to his native region: La Rochelle. He was soon approached by the Sushi Shop chain to do some consulting.

One of the proposed areas for improvement was the introduction of machines. As a result, The Sushi School created the Sushi Robots brand with the aim of selling machines for Japanese gastronomy throughout Europe.

The adventure began with three people: Emmanuel Letellier as director, Alice Touchais as marketing manager and Dylan Kane as technician.

March 2020

Emmanuel Letellier wants to sell the company to focus on a new activity. The Sushi School is bought by the Baelen group.

This acquisition has enabled the company to move into new new premises in the same month, to grow, to structure itself and thus to become more competitive.

Being part of the group has also enabled Sushi Robots to receive support and advice on its various major projects. Alice Touchais and Kiyoko Hay take over the management.

June 2020


The Sushi School officially becomes Sushi Robots.

July 2020
Photo uk

A Sushi Robots subsidiary is set up in the United Kingdom: Sushi Robots UK.

The aim of this subsidiary is to develop the UK market following the purchase of the Autec licence (a brand distributed by Sushi Robots) from the brand's former distributor, Monk.

February 2022
Photo Espagne

A new subsidiary is set up, this time in Spain: Sushi Robots Spain. After management had analysed the market, it was quickly concluded that setting up in this country was crucial to our development in view of the demand.

March 2022

Opening of a showroom in Poland.

September 2022
Photo Pologne

Official creation of a subsidiary in Poland: Sushi Robots Takumi.


Start of work for extension and renovation premises in La Rochelle.

June 2023

Opening of a showroom in Madrid.

September 2023
Photo allemagne

A new European flagship for Sushi Robots, this time in Germany.

And the adventure continues...

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