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Autec has been offering a range of sushi machines for over 40 years.

Autec sushi machines use advanced Japanese technology to offer you quality sushi machines.

Present all over the world, Autec sushi machines will not only save you precious time, they'll also make delicious sushi.

Our Autec machines

Photo de la mélangeuse à riz ASM780CE AUTEC
Preparing the rice

Rice mixer - ASM780CE

The ASM780CE rice mixer has a production capacity of up to 14 kg of sushi rice. It mixes your rice with precision and efficiency.

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Photo de l'ASM260CE

Maki cutter - ASM260CE

Optimise maki preparation in your restaurant with the ASM260 maki machine from Autec. This professional-quality machine offers exceptional precision and efficiency, allowing you to create perfect maki every time.

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Photo de la machine à maki ASA190 AUTEC

Maki maker - ASA190CE

With the ASA190 manual maki maker you can roll your maki anywhere. Small and easy to transport, it's ideal for caterers and chefs on the move.

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Photo de machine à nigiri de riz ASM405CE AUTEC
Nigiri machine

Nigiri maker - ASM405CE

The small and compact ASM405CE nigiri machine will save you time. The machine automatically shapes your nigiri, reducing the contact between the machine and the sushi chef.

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